Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! We do this all the time. We are sent all kinds of quirky things to create into embroideries. Working with hand embroideries is quite liberating as it allows us to create embroideries from sculptures, paintings, photographs, jewelry, prints, wildlife and portraits using only our skill with an embroidery needle.
In haute couture, the embroidery is engineered for the client’s body and designers create patterns that are made to measure for their clients. We have a team of experienced commercial artists who can engineer the embroidery on the client’s pattern based on a sketch provided by the designer and provide several options for using a particular embroidery on a pattern. That being said, some of our clients prefer working with embroidered fabrics that can be manipulated to create garments. We are able to make our embroidery samples into a hand embroidered fabrics of 45cm for tops or 150 cms width for full length garments. We require directions on the intended placement of the embroidery so we can create a hand embroidered fabric that would be easy to use by the designer and the pattern cutter.
Haute Couture clients prefer to use their own fabrics sourced from Italy or France. We are able to source good qualities of imported nylon tulle, chiffon, taffeta, georgette, cotton, linen, leather and a variety of base fabrics for our clients.

It rarely takes more than a week.  Where changes are sought we wait till final go ahead on the sample before communicating a firm ship date.   Because of our vast experience in handling embroideries, we are always able to estimate how long something might take to complete and what it may cost and we are rarely off our estimates.  We also insist on firm project deadlines by clients as it helps us organize our work.  

We will always provide a tentative budget for approval prior to starting a project.
We can ship using any of the established courier companies like DHL, FeDEX, Bombino etc. Quite often clients provide us their shipping accounts so they can take advantage of their negotiated bulk rates with the delivery service.

By definition, haute couture garments are always stitched at the designer’s atelier. The finesse and workmanship expected in stitching a haute couture garment is very hard to find in India.   We consider ourselves as just one of the many resources required to create a haute couture dress.

Our office & factory has been audited by SEDEX and ISO 9001 for compliance. We adhere to international guidelines on human rights and do not employ children under the age of 16 at our office and factories. We are committed to transparency and facilitate client inspections of our office, atelier and factory. We use AZO free dyeing and provide lead free alternatives for crystals and beads if required. We minimize the use of plastic sequins in our embroideries and use biodegradable materials instead. We also offer sequins made from recycled plastic. Through its work Mode De Vie intends to keep alive the ancient tradition of ‘zari’ handicraft that has dressed Indian royalty for centuries. The partners support education of underprivileged children.